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DIY Mario and Luigi Minimalist Painting

So for the past couple of years, Archer has been slightly (read – enormously) obsessed with everything Super Mario. What we thought was going to be a passing interest, a most things in childhood are, has turned into a full blown obsession that has absolutely no signs of diminishing any time soon. His room is… Continue reading DIY Mario and Luigi Minimalist Painting

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What to do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

The day before my wedding, my mom, maid of honor and I went to the florist to give the final OK on the bouquets. I’m going to be honest, the first bouquet they brought out was a giant, 80’s, pink disaster. I’m really glad my M.O.H. was with me so that she could be the… Continue reading What to do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

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Super Mario 4th Birthday Party

So a few weeks ago, my not-so-little-anymore man officially turned four years old, and I’m only slightly panicking about the unbelievably fast rate at which time is speeding by. But somehow, even through my panic and nostalgic hours spent looking at all of his baby pictures, I managed to throw together a fun little Super Mario birthday… Continue reading Super Mario 4th Birthday Party