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What to do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

The day before my wedding, my mom, maid of honor and I went to the florist to give the final OK on the bouquets. I’m going to be honest, the first bouquet they brought out was a giant, 80’s, pink disaster. I’m really glad my M.O.H. was with me so that she could be the… Continue reading What to do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

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DIY Lord of the Rings Christmas Chain

You know what’s great? Mash-ups! I love combining two things you wouldn’t think of, like all those great cosplay mashups you see at conventions. But when I saw this mashup between two of my favorite things in the world, Christmas and Lord of the rings, I got more than a little excited. ­čśÇ My son… Continue reading DIY Lord of the Rings Christmas Chain

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Super Mario 4th Birthday Party

So a few weeks ago, my not-so-little-anymore man officially turned four years old, and I’m only slightly panicking about the unbelievably fast rate at which time is speeding by.┬áBut somehow, even through my panic and nostalgic hours spent looking at all of his baby pictures, I managed to throw together a fun little Super Mario┬ábirthday… Continue reading Super Mario 4th Birthday Party