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What to do with Your Bouquet After the Wedding

The day before my wedding, my mom, maid of honor and I went to the florist to give the final OK on the bouquets. I’m going to be honest, the first bouquet they brought out was a giant, 80’s, pink disaster. I’m really glad my M.O.H. was with me so that she could be the one to blurt out “I hate it” and not me. But after several flower changes and size reductions, I wound up with a truly gorgeous bouquet.

It was too beautiful to simply throw away afterwards, so I had to do something to preserve it. I had seen something like this on Pinterest ages ago, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to do the same thing with my own bouquet (this may or may not have been before I was even engaged). While the person on Pinterest had used some fancy equipment to preserve the flowers more to their original glory, I don’t really have the means to do that, so I just hung them upside down to dry out. If you decide to do this, make sure that you leave the flowers in a cool, dry, dark place. I left them hanging for a month, but they were probably dry enough after a couple of weeks, I just didn’t have my shadow box yet. I’m not going to lie, it was very sad to take apart my bouquet to do this, but the end result was well worth it. 🙂

IMG_5999I love love love how this turned out! I was worried that my shadow box was too big, but it turned out that it was actually the perfect size to incorporate my cake topper! The frame came with the burlap in the back, and it worked out perfectly to give it a nice rustic feel, very reminiscent of my actual cake. My baker was pretty fabulous and actually matched the flowers on the cake with the flowers in my bouquet.

AMP_8362I could not be happier with my final product. Now I will have my wedding bouquet beautifully displayed in my house forever. 🙂



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