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DIY Lord of the Rings Christmas Chain


You know what’s great? Mash-ups! I love combining two things you wouldn’t think of, like all those great cosplay mashups you see at conventions. But when I saw this mashup between two of my favorite things in the world, Christmas and Lord of the rings, I got more than a little excited. 😀 My son and I had a good time putting it together. Or rather, I had a good time printing it out, cutting it out, and putting the links together, and he had fun putting the glue-stick where I told him to. 😉


This is a super easy project, and pretty self-explanatory as far as what you need and what to do, so I’m not going to bother explaining it. Each page of the template has five rings on it, and I printed out five pages so that I could have one for every day leading up to Christmas. I know a lot of people use Christmas chains exclusively for decoration or to go around the tree, but I’m going to use it for the tradition of removing one ring a day until Christmas. This is great for my son too, because every day we count the rings left, so he practices counting, and we really build that anticipation for Christmas so he’s more excited for it to come. Since he’s only four, he doesn’t yet fully comprehend everything Christmas is about or really even remember last Christmas, so I’m really working on getting him excited and letting him know what’s up so that he can be as goonishly excited about it as I am. 😀 Only 24 days left!!!!!!




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