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Super Mario 4th Birthday Party

So a few weeks ago, my not-so-little-anymore man officially turned four years old, and I’m only slightly panicking about the unbelievably fast rate at which time is speeding by. But somehow, even through my panic and nostalgic hours spent looking at all of his baby pictures, I managed to throw together a fun little Super Mario birthday party for him. The boy is obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with Mario and Luigi. He loves to play Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, he loves to watch that really weird 80’s Mario brothers show on Netflix, he’s obsessed with these weird but funny little YouTube videos of kids making their Mario and Luigi toys play at the park, and he carries his own little stuffed Mario and Luigi dolls with him everywhere. He actually even had me make him a Mario costume for Halloween, which I was hoping he would wear to his party because of how stinkin adorable he looked in it, but the day of the party his toddler fickle-ness decided against it.


That was probably for the best though, because it’s already hot enough in Florida but that day was particularly toasty.  Regardless, he still had a great little party, and it melted my heart to see him have such a good time and laugh so much. Our small house was spotless going into the party, but looked like a hurricane went though it by the end, which must mean that someone was having a good time. But because our house is so small and we were only having a handful of people come, I didn’t have to go crazy on decorations which definitely helped both the setup and the cleanup process.

I had children’s music playing on Pandora the entire party, and the kids had quite a bit of fun dancing along to that in the beginning. The kids spent a good chink of time just playing around in my son’s room and having fun, but I had some Mario coloring sheets that I printed out for them to color when they got tired. For their favors I used a template a found online to make these little paper Mario brick things, and I left one side open and filled them with chocolate gold coins. I was pretty darn proud of that idea if I’m being honest. 🙂 The highlight of the party was probably when they got to go outside to play “stomp the goomba”, which is where they just got to stomp on brown balloons that I spent way too much time making the night before and pop them, very much in Mario style. I also had a bubble machine going this whole time, and kids and bubbles are pretty much a match made in heaven so that went over really well. And if I’m being totally honest, I had a lot of fun with the bubbles too. I procrastinated on getting the cake, but was pretty fortunate to find an awesome Mario cake at WalMart the night before that also had some actual Mario racecar toys on it that my little man loves to play with. Overall, it was a great little party. My Archie bear had an absolute blast, and I had a lot of fun planning it. 🙂





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