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DIY Autumn Batman Wreath


So this is a little late to be posted since Thanksgiving is in just a couple of days and most people’s halls are already decked with Christmas gear, but I’m a little too proud of this creation to not put it on the internet. 🙂 Decorating for pretty much any holiday is on of my all time favorite activities, but being the frugal *cough* poor *cough* person that I am, I don’t really like to spend a lot of money on decorations. Ideally, no more than a dollar. Or free. Like this Batman wreath! 😀

I got inspired by this DIY Christmas Batman wreath (which I fully intend to create in the future), but I wanted to switch it up for autumn since I made this a little before Halloween. The great thing about it is actually that it didn’t turn out being suuuuper exclusively autumn, so I can keep it up in my house in other seasons. 😀 It was a huge mess to make, but a lot of fun, and because I had everything I needed lying around the house, it ended up not costing anything to make. So without further ado, the instructions! 😀

What you need:

  • Cardboard – as big as you want your wreath to be
  • Chalk or Pen
  • Hot glue
  • A whole bunch of sticks or twigs
  • String the color of your sticks
  • Scissors
  • Whatever decorations you want



The first step is to gather all of your materials. I had pretty much everything lying around the house, so all I had to do was go outside and get sticks. If you want to be fancy and have a bit of cash to burn, you can go buy the stuff they have at craft stores that is exclusively for making wreaths like this, but I wanted to try to keep this project free so I gathered them myself. Plus this way my son was able to help me get them and we could have a bit of fun in the process. I just used all of these weeds that grow in the empty lot by my house. They’re super flexible and easy to work with, and had a good look for what I was going for. Alternatively, if you wanted to use sticks, you could just soak them in water for a long time and make them flexible enough to use. You can just google the instructions on that one.


After you have all your materials gathered, you’ll want to trace your pattern onto the cardboard. I used chalk and just eye-balled this, it’s a pretty simple pattern. Just make sure that you draw 2 outlines, with an inch or 2 between them (as seen above) so you’re not guessing where to cut.


And you probably guessed the next step; cut it out! This is a frustrating one, because cardboard is not fun to cut into any semblance of intricate shapes. I actually had to switch back and forth between using my scissors and my x-acto knife here.


Now that you’ve got the shape cut out, it’s time to start decorating it! I covered mine completely in the twigs, and then added some flourishes. When covering it with the sticks, make sure you kind of stagger them on top of each other as you go around so that the whole thing kind of flows smoothly. As you lay the sticks, it helps to tie them down to the form with your string so that they don’t slide around. The string gets covered later, so it’s not noticeable. Just keep going around and around and around with your sticks, until the wreath is covered to your liking. I ended up using the hot glue along with the string to keep the sticks down by the time I got to my second layer, and eventually, after I had a solid base, stopped using the string altogether and just glued the sticks down.


This process did get a bit tedious, but was well worth it. I already loved the look of it before I even put my decorations on. And as you can see, because of the nature of the materials used, this was a very messy project. 😀 But after you have your wreath completely covered, it’s time to decorate! You can use whatever materials you want for this, I just had some fake flowers lying around from a super cheap thrift store bouquet I had got a long time ago for another project, and I attached them with hot glue. Then go to town! Decorate as much or as little as you want! Make it awesome! I do recommend deciding on the layout of your decorations before attaching them, however. But be sure to have fun with it! If you decide to try this one at home, let me see how it turns out!

Thanks for reading! 😀



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